A major strength of ABM, and a major benefit for our customers, is the comprehensive range of services we undertake in-house, all under one roof. These services include accurate estimating and selection of the most appropriate heating and cooling equipment, and expert sheet metal work and duct manufacturing. In addition, we have our own complete pipe-fitting and welding shop, which means significant savings in time and cost, and independence from outside sub-contractors.

Our capabilities extend beyond ABM's premises and encompass complex on-site repairs, installations and renovations, including highly specialized work for computer rooms, environmental chambers, clean rooms and conference rooms. Thus, we are able to maintain complete control of the work we do for our customers, from design through completion. It also gives us the flexibility and confidence to make on-site changes or modifications where necessary, without jeopardizing the integrity of the final result.Our work on projects large or small, begins with extensive estimating and planning. Using an in-house computerized digital estimating & drafting system, we are equipped to undertake simple draftsman drawings to comprehensive multi-stage blueprints. This system enables us to produce fast, accurate plans and estimates and gives us the flexibility to make modifications quickly and efficiently.
Computerization doesn't stop at estimating and planning. ABM has applied state-of-the-art technology from design through final stages of manufacturing. Utilizing CAD-CCM (computer-aided design; computer controlled manufacturing) in our sheet metal fabrication shop, our computer driven plasma cutter not only assures accuracy and top quality, but also maximizes savings in time and cost. However, we still rely on our skilled craftsmen to manage our systems, supervise production and apply our stringent quality control procedures.
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